About Us

Party Buckit was created in the summer of 2006 after work one day by two alumni fraternity guys that were fed up with working for the "man" for way too little. They weren't living the Cribs lifestyle and had no summer vacation. Instead they were working to live, not living to work. Ye olde English saying goes "there's always room at the top for what you are good at."

Well, that's easy: partying hard and making a complete jackass of ourselves.

But, how to get people to pay you for the joy of partying with you and watching you party? More importantly, how could one party with so many people and stay alive? Even more importantly, if they pay, god only knows what could happen and how far into the depths of idiocy one would fall?

Every great group of friends, like every town, has one idiot and one maniac. When the idiot and the maniac hang out, it’s always trouble and it’s always good times. You’re lucky to get swept up in the commotion and make it out still intact, not in jail, and looking relatively like you did before the madness ensued.

From the beard of Zeus, here comes PARTY BUCKIT, designed and tested by the idiot and maniac for the idiot and maniac we all know and love. It’s a 5 gallon heavy duty bucket filled to the brim with mischief. Gather around Party Buckit, pop the top, and let the mayhem and misbehavior take over.

WARNING: this is not for the tame or weak, this is strictly for those ready to take their partying to another level. Party on, because Cobra Kai Never Dies.

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Different editions of Party Buckit are in the works, so check back frequently to get your hands on the newest and freshest sources of misbehavior.